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1-on-1 support Quantum & Consciousness

Do you feel like you can not really discuss the things you are interested in with your colleagues and friends? And do you have some personal ideas about what the world and your experience actually are?


Then maybe this is something for you. 

For people who want to dive deep into the topic of quantum and/or consciousness, I offer 3-month

exclusive support. We have weekly online meetings and I will keep you accountable for making progress in your understanding of this awesome topic.

Investment: €6800 (±$7200) excl. tax

Usually, this support consists of a tailored mixture of these activities:

- Explore philosophical ideas and your own stance on it

- Discuss topics that you don't fully understand yet

- Structure your thoughts in a way that you can write them down in an essay or figure

- Investigate your own experiences in a scientific context

The support can be provided in English or in Dutch. 


People that I have previously helped with my personal support:

'The subject of quantum physics and consciousness is hard to understand on your own. The clear explanations of Josella were essential for keeping me motivated to explore it further and continue seeing the fun of it.'

'It is a pleasure to work with Josella. She explains in a very clear way and is always willing to explain something from another angle to make sure that you really understand it'.

'During the personal support there was a lot of room for my own thoughts and Josella switches smoothly between the ideas I come up with.'

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