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Does quantum physics play a crucial role in your brain?

Research at the tiniest scale to increase the survival chances of the human species.

My name is Josella and in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, I work on experimental research trying to understand quantum processes in relation to human consciousness.
​To me it seems that testing the wildest ideas by running complicated experiments is the best way that I can contribute to the future of humanity.

The experiments

Those are the experiments I am currently working on. All related to quantum physics, consciousness and the brain. 

All figures only depict the conceptual idea, the real experiments involve much more technology in order to make it work.

Sending entangled photons to the brain

Two photons get entangled, one is sent to Path A and one to Path B. The one at path B collapses in the brain. What will then happen to

the entangled photon at the detector? Will something change over there? ​

We are currently working on the setup to test this. And of course we use lasers that are save for the brain :) 

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 13.15.53.png

Usually, when photons are split by a beam splitter and brought back together, an interference pattern can be detected. 

But what happens when we put a conscious being in the loop? How will the phase change and what is the influence of the mental state on this? That is what we want to find out with this experiment. 

The human interferometer

I am talking about this during my presentation at the Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson (2022).

Influencing quantum particles with your mind

Although it seem unlikely, some scientific research points in the direction that it might be possible to change light particles by only thinking about them. Watch an explanation video about our experiment here.


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