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1-on-1 support Quantum and/or Consciousness

If your answer to one of the following questions is yes, than this service might be perfect for you.


- Do you want to discuss a topic that you don't fully understand?

- Do you want to explore philosophical ideas that you came up with?

- Do you want to investigate a certain experience that you have had in a scientific context?

- Do you have trouble finding the right information sources to move forward?

For people who are not affiliated with a university and want help with learning more about quantum and/or consciousness, I offer 1-on-1 support.

The support works as follows: 

- In the form below you provide an indication of the topic you want to have help with

- I'll let you know if I can help you with that and if so, I'll prepare the meeting so it perfectly fit your needs. 

- During a 45 min. Zoom session we dive deep into the subject and I will answer the questions you have.

- Afterwards, I will send you an email with the most important information and relevant links (if applicable) so that you can continue optimally after the guidance.


€210 excl. VAT


This support is mainly suitable for people who already have looked into some aspects of quantum physics and/or consciousness research.


People I have previously helped with my personal support:

'The subject of quantum physics and consciousness is hard to understand on your own. The clear explanations of Josella were essential for keeping me motivated to explore it further and continue seeing the fun of it.'

'During the personal support there was a lot of room for my own thoughts and Josella switches smoothly between the ideas I come up with.'

'Josella is a joy to work with. She explains in a very clear way and is always willing to explain something from another angle to make sure that you really understand it'.

Let’s Work Together

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